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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 “O.K.,” said Hauser finally. “But you’d better deliver, Lee.”

2 A. J. had tampered with the water, inserting a South American vine that turns the gums to mush.

3 “This letter? For the sanitarium?”

4 Carl shrugged: “That is not my business… what I am wondering is why you have asked me to come here and why you tell me all this… this…”

5 ‘What do you mean by that?” Carl demanded.

6 It would not have occurred to Carl to disregard the appointment even though failure to appear entailed no penalty…. Freeland was a welfare state. If a citizen wanted anything from a load of bone meal to a sexual partner some department was ready to offer effective aid. The threat implicit in this enveloping benevolence stifled the concept of rebellion….

7 “Mohammed? Are you kidding? He was dreamed up by the Mecca Chamber of Commerce. An Egyptian ad man on the skids from the sauce write the continuity.

8 “I’m not sticking my neck out, me,” says a cool hip young doctor high on LSD25…. “Why a smart D.A. could…”

9 Walked out in the precise morning and bought a paper…. Nothing…. I called from a drugstore phone booth… and asked for Narcotics:

10 Sucking terror from needle scars, underwater scream mouthing numb nerve warnings of the yen to come, throbbing bite site of rabies…

11 “So that’s how I come to know the hour more or less on Friday the 13th and it couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes half an hour after that, I’d took some Spanish Fly in Doc’s store and it was jest beginning to work on me down by Grennel Bog on my way to Nigger town…. Well the bog makes a bend, used to be nigger shack there…. They burned that ol’ nigger over in Cunt Lick. Nigger had the aftosa and it left him stone blind…. So this white girl down from Texarkana screeches out:

12 The only native in Interzone who is neither queer nor available is Andrew Keif’s chauffeur, which is not affectation or perversity on Keif’s part, but a useful pre-text to break off relations with anyone he doesn’t want to see: “You made a pass at Aracknid list night. I can’t have you to the house again.” People are always black-ing out in the Zone, whether they drink or not, and no one can say for sure he didn’t make a pass at Aracknid’s unappetizing person.

13 We were in the cab heading North. Nick was talking in his Bat, dead voice.

14 They just bring so-called lunch…. A hard-boiled egg with the shell of revealing an object like I never seen it before…. A very small egg of a yellow-brown color… Perhaps laid by the duck-billed platypus. The orange contained a huge worm and very little else…. He really got there firstest with the mostest…. In Egypt is a worm gets into your kidneys and grows to an enormous size. Ultimately the kidney is just a thin shell around the worm. Intrepid gourmets esteem the flesh of The Worm above all other delicacies. It is said to be unspeakably toothsome…, An Interzone coroner known as Autopsy Ahmed made a fortune trafficking The Worm.

15 MANAGER: “I suspect it to be a purple-assed baboon and it stands outside.”

16 No one ever looked at anyone else because of the strict law against importuning, with or without verbal approach, anyone for any purpose, sexual or otherwise. All cafes and bars were closed. Liquor could only be obtained with a special permit, and the liquor so obtained could not be sold or given or in any way transferred to anyone else, and the presence of anyone else in the room was considered prima facie evidence of conspiracy to transfer liquor.

17 THE MAN From Time: “I don’t believe it.”

18 At the far end of the ward an attendant throws up an iron shutter and lets out a hog call. The junkies rush up grunting and squealing.

19 “Oh be careful! There they go again!” said the old queen as his string broke spilling his balls over the floor…. ‘Stop them will you, James, you worthless old shit! Don’t just stand there and let the master’s balls roll into the coal-bin!”

20 I knew they wanted Marty bad. He’d been pushing for five years, and they couldn’t hang one on him. Marty was an oldtimer, and very careful about who he served. He had to know a man and know him well before he would pick up his money. No one can say they ever did time because of me. My rep is perfect, but still Marty wouldn’t serve me because he didn’t know me long enough. That’s how skeptical Marty was.

21 Marvie does buy himself a shot glass of beer, squeezing a blackened coin out of his fly onto the table. “Keep the change.” The waiter sweeps the coin into a dust pan, he spits on the table and walks away.

22 “Good H too. Good Aleppo H.”

23 And I say, “That’s the way I like to see them.”