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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 “So I told him, I said: ‘Doctor Berger, don’t think you can pass your tired old brainwashed belles on me. I’m the oldest faggot in the Upper Baboon’s Asshole….’”

2 ” ‘There’s only one thing to do. I’m going to call the police,’ says a strong-minded, outspoken old thing; and she clump across the floor on her low heels and calls the fuzz.”

3 “I was standing outside myself trying to stop those hangings with ghost fingers…. I am a ghost wanting what every ghost wants — a body — after the Long Time moving through odorless alleys of space where no life is only the colorless no smell of death…. Nobody can breathe and smell it through pink convolutions of gristle laced with crystal snot, time shit and black blood filters of flesh.”

4 “This you gotta hear. Boy in Los Angeles fifteen year old. Father decide it is time the boy have his first piece of ass. Boy is lying on the lawn reading comic books, father go out and say: ‘Son, here’s twenty dollars; I want you to go to a good whore and get a piece of ass off her.’

5 There is only one thing a writer can write about: what is in front of his senses at the moment of writing… . I am a recording instrument…. I do not pre-sume to impose “story” “plot” “continuity.”…In sofaras I succeed in Direct recording of certain areas of psychic process I may have limited function…. I am not an entertainer….

6 He nods, “Come back in half an hour.”

7 “Abandon ship, God damn it! Every man for himself!” Fadeout to Mambo music.

8 Shop shutters slam like guillotines. Drinks and trays hang in the air as the patrons are whisked inside by the suction of panic.

9 “The trap hasn’t been aired since the Exterminator fumigated for coke bugs,” said the Sailor apologetically.

10 “Sore head! He’s envious of my check.”

11 Sleep long in the valley of the Red River where cob-webs hang black windows and boy bones….

12 P.L.: “Likewise.” Exit boy. “They’re hopeless I tell you. Hopeless.”

13 “And I say unto you, brothers and sisters of the Anti-Fluoride movement, we have this day struck such a blow for purity as will never call a retreat…. Out, I say, with the filthy foreign fluorides! We will sweep this fair land sweet and clean as a young boy’s tensed Hank. …I will now lead you in our theme song The Old Oaken Bucket.”

14 . So long as you don’t go and do it, .

15 I began to wonder if there was an Anglo-Saxon name left in the Department….

16 The Party Leader rides in triumph through yiping crowds. A dignified old man shits at sight of him and tries to sacrifice himself under the wheels of the car.

17 “If God made anything better he kept it for himself,” the Sailor used to say, his transmission slowed down with twenty goof balls.

18 Clem writes a number to the tune of “Crawdad” (Big Bill Broonzy).

19 The sea chest of the dead man is in the Embassy, and the vice consul breaks the news to mother.

20 FATHER GONZALEZ: “Mother of God!”


22 The boy falls with soft gutty suction through a maze of penny arcades and dirty pictures.

23 “They always know.”