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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 “Mister, I hate everybody. Doctor Benway says it’s metabolic, I got this condition of the blood…. Arabs and Americans got it special…. Doctor Benway is concocting this serum.”

2 A year later in Tangier I heard she was dead. B E N W A Y

3 The Rube is a social liability with his attacks as he calls them. The Mark Inside was coming up on him and that’s a rumble nobody can cool; outside Philly he jumps out to con a prowl car and the fuzz takes one look at his face and bust all of us.

4 Window dressers scream through the station, beat the cashiers with the fairy hype…. (The Hype is a short change con…. Also known as The Bill….)

5 A great rent rips the Arc de Triomphe from top to bottom. The Diplomat puts a hand to his forehead….

6 They appeared in Liberia dressed in black Stetsons and red galluses:

7 “So Doc says, ‘Well, Arch, you gotta sign the book. Name, address and date of purchase. It’s the law.’

8 “Time.”

9 ” ‘Yeah. This gash comes to the door, and I say I want a piece of ass and lay the double sawski on her. We go up to her trap, and she remove the dry goods. So I switch my blade and cut a big hunk off her ass, she raise a beef like I am reduce to pull off one shoe and beat her brains out. Then I hump her for kicks.”

10 DR. BENWAY: “Maybe she got it up her snatch in a finger stall.”

11 Expeditions leave for unknown places with unknown purposes. Strangers arrive on rafts of old packing crates tied together with rotten rope, they stagger in out of the jungle their eyes swollen shut from insect bites, they come down the mountain trails on cracked bleeding feet through the dusty windy outskirts of the city, where people defecate in rows along adobe walls and vultures fight over fish heads. They drop down into parks in patched parachutes,… They are escorted by a drunken cop to register in a vast public lavatory. The data taken down is put on pegs to be used as toilet paper.

12 “Brilliant chap Schafer… but…”

13 The Artistic Adviser shakes his head: “It lacks something. To be specific, it lacks health.”

14 Black Yen ejaculates over the salt marshes where nothing grows not even a mandrake….

15 JODY: “In the words of the Immortal Bard, to batten on these Moors.”

16 The doctor was studying the file in front of him. He spoke in a tone of slightly condescending amusement:

17 “Too much smoke in the eyes, I guess.”

18 “Dinner is Lucy Bradshinkel’s cunt saignant cooked in kotex papillon. The boys eat happily looking into each other’s eyes. Blood runs down their chins.”

19 Boys by the hundred plummet through the roof, quivering and kicking at the end of ropes. The boys hang at different levels, some near the ceiling and oth-ers a few inches off the floor. Exquisite Balinese and Malays, Mexican Indians with fierce innocent faces and bright red gums. Negroes ( teeth, fingers, toe nails and pubic hair gilded), Japanese boys smooth and white as China, Titian-haired Venetian lads, Americans with blond or black curls falling across the forehead (the guests tenderly shove it back), sulky blond Pol-lacks with animal brown eyes, Arab and Spanish street boys, Austrian boys pink and delicate with a faint shadow of blond pubic hair, sneering German youths with bright blue eyes scream “Heil Hitler!” as the trap falls under them. Sollubis shit and whimper.

20 “He was weaving around unsteady like he couldn’t see good.”

21 “This you gotta hear. Boy in Los Angeles fifteen year old. Father decide it is time the boy have his first piece of ass. Boy is lying on the lawn reading comic books, father go out and say: ‘Son, here’s twenty dollars; I want you to go to a good whore and get a piece of ass off her.’

22 In room twenty-six a nurse looked at him with cold undersea eyes.

23 The hypochondriac lassoes the passerby and administers a straitjacket and starts talking about his rotting septum: “An awful purulent discharge is subject to How out… just wait till you see it.”