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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 Take a shot in front of D.L. Probing for a vein in my dirty bare foot…. Junkies have no shame…. They are impervious to the repugnance of others. It is doubtful if shame can exist in the absence of sexual libido…. The junky’s shame disappears with his non-sexual sociability which is also dependent on libido…. The addict regards his body impersonally as an instrument to absorb the medium in which he lives, evaluates his tissue with the cold hands of a horse trader. “No use trying to hit there.” Dead fish eyes Hick over a ravaged vein.

2 Hassan is a notorious Liquefactionist and suspect to be a secret Sender — “Shucks, boys,” he says with a dis-arming pin, “I’m just a blooming old cancer and I gotta proliferate.” He picks up a Texas accent associating with Dry Hole Dutton, the Dallas wildcatter, and he wears cowboy boots and ten-gallon hat at all times in-doors and out…. His eyes are invisible behind black glasses, his face smooth and blank as wax above a well-cut suit made entirely from immature high denomina-tion bank notes. (Bank notes are in fact currency, but they must mature before they can be negotiated…. Bank notes run as high as one million clams a note. )

3 ” ‘Oh but Miggles dahling, they’re not…. I mean ask your jeweler…. Well just ask anybody. Haaaaaa.’

4 “Buddha? A notorious metabolic junky… Makes his own you dig. In India, where they got no sense of time, The Man is often a month late…. ‘Now let me see, is that the second or the third monsoon? I got like a meet in Ketchupore about more or less.’

5 P.L.: “Don’t go near Benway.” (Aside: “I wonder if this will go down. You never know how primitive they are….”) “Confidentially he’s a black magician.”

6 “‘Roy, that ol’ nigger is looking at me so nasty. Land’s sake I feel just dirty all over.’

7 Greek lads white as marble fuck dog style on the portico of a great golden temple… naked Mugwump twangs a lute.

8 “Let’s stop over and make him for an RX.”

9 “Everybody happy. Well that’s fine.” He turns jovially to the prostrate President. “I’ll keep your papers in case I get caught short. Haw Haw Haw.” His loud, metallic laugh rings out across the dump, and the crowd laughs with him under the searching guns.

10 He decided to visit a colleague, NG Joe, who got hooked during a Bang-utot attack in Honolulu.

11 ” ‘Well, son, did you get a piece of ass?’

12 ” ‘Well, Brad, what’s for supper?’

13 The Sailor was cooking a shot. “When the roll is called up yonder we’ll be there, right?” he said, feeling along the boy’s vein, erasing goose-pimples with a gentle old woman finger. He slid the needle in. A red orchid bloomed at the bottom of the dropper. The Sailor pressed the bulb, watching the solution rush into the boy-vein, sucked by silent thirst of blood.

14 So Fag, Beagle, Irish, Sailor beware…. Look down, look down along that line before you travail there….

15 “Do you suggest there is something illegitimate in this operation?”

16 ‘What do you mean by that?” Carl demanded.

17 Anyone who has ever looked into a mirror knows what this crime is and what it means in terms of lost control when the reflection no longer obeys…. Too late to dial P o l i c e….

18 “When I was a transvestite Liz in Chi used to work as an exterminator. Make advances to pretty boys for the thrill of being beaten as a man. Later I catch this one kid, overpower him with supersonic judo I learned from an old Lesbian Zen monk. I tie him up, strip off his clothes with a razor and fuck him with Steely Dan I. He is so relieved I don’t castrate him literal he come all over my bedbug spray.”

19 Doctor Benway pauses at the door and looks back at the IND’s. “Our failures,” he says. “Well, it’s all in the day’s work.”

20 (Pieces of murder fall slow as opal chips through glycerine. )

21 I sat down at a counter and ordered coffee, and pointed to a piece of Danish pastry under a plastic cover. I washed down the stale rubbery cake with coffee, praying that just this once, please God, let him make it now, and not come back to say the man is all out and has to make a run to East Orange or Green-point.

22 So I dub the yaller dog Scrutable…. And let me say in passing, and I am always passing like a sincere Spade, that the Inscrutable East need a heap of salt to get it down… Your Reporter bang thirty grains of M a day and sit eight hours inscrutable as a turd.

23 Ball squeezed dry lemon rind pest rims the ass with a knife cut off a piece of hash for the water pipe-bubble bubble — indicate what used to be me..