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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 ” ‘It’s a continent already….’

2 “You accept?”

3 P.L.: “Benway is an infiltrating Western Agent.”

4 So he is putting down junk and coming on with tea. I take three drags, Jane looked at him and her flesh crystallized. I leaped up screaming “I got the fear” and ran out of the house. Drank a beer in a little restaurant — mosaic bar and soccer scores and bullfight posters — and waited for the bus to town.

5 LIEUTENANT: “Huh? Why, I see the Market.”

6 I, William Seward, captain of this lushed up hash-head subway, will quell the Lock Ness monster with rotenone and cowboy the white whale. I will reduce Satan to Automatic Obedience, and sublimate subsidiary fiends. I will banish the candiru from your swimming pools.— I will issue a bull on Immaculate Birth Control….

7 “Dinner is Lucy Bradshinkel’s cunt saignant cooked in kotex papillon. The boys eat happily looking into each other’s eyes. Blood runs down their chins.”

8 i buboes.” A virus venereal disease indigenous to Ethiopia. “Not for nothing are we known as feelthy Ethiopians,” sneers an Ethiopian mercenary as he sodomizes Pharaoh, venomous as the King’s cobra. Ancient Egyptian papyrus talk all the time about them feelthy Ethiopians.

9 “They go off, here, kid.” The Sailor put a hand to the back of his head. He camped obscenely as he opened the package, a complex arrangement of slots and over-lays.

10 They were suspicious. A man can’t be a cop all his life without developing a special set of intuitions.

11 The centipede nuzzles the iron door rusted to thin black paper by the urine of a million fairies….

12 Soldiers in jeeps sweep mounted machineguns back and forth across the crowd with a slow, searching movement.

13 “Christ?” sneers the vicious, fruity old Saint applying pancake from an alabaster bowl…. “That cheap ham! You think I’d demean myself to commit a miracle?… That one should have stood in carny….

14 The Sailor was polishing his nails on the lapels of his glen plaid suit. He whistled a little tune through his shiny, yellow teeth.

15 Schafer: “Yes, yes, of course… and yet… I can’t get that stench out of my lungs….”


17 Wouldn’t you?… Menstrual cramps… my wife… Kotex… Aged mother… Piles .. raw… bleeding…” He nodded out against the counter…. The druggist took a toothpick out of his mouth and looked at the end of it and shook his head….

18 “And use that alcohol,” I say slamming a spirit lamp down on the table.


20 “That seems reasonable,” he said.

21 The F.C. theme song is “Believe Me If All These Endearing Young Charms.” An F.C. partner is indeed subject to “fleet from your arms like fairy gifts fading away.”)

22 Something was watching his every thought and movement with cold, sneering hate, the shifting of his testes, the contractions of his rectum. He was in a room filled with green light. There was a stained wood double bed, a black wardrobe with full length mirror. Carl could not see his face. Someone was sitting in a black hotel chair. He was wearing a stiff bosomed white shirt and a dirty paper tie. The face swollen, skull-less, eyes like burning pus.

23 “I just want to rub up against you and get fixed.”