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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting.

2 “He says yes.”

3 “Oh Gertie it’s true. It’s all true. They’ve got a horrid gash instead of a thrilling thing.”

4 I mean not a young chick but built… “How about a fix first?”

5 “Oh! I wouldn’t be calling any names if I were you, chicken. You’re hooked too. I saw you coming out of The Institute.”

6 The Lesbian, concealed in a paper mache Arc de Triomphe fills her great lungs and looses a tremendous bellow.

7 “Good thing here, Fats. I can deliver twenty. Need an advance of course.”

8 “This man worked for a carnival you dig, and to start with it was like a novelty ventriloquist act. Real funny, too, at first. He had a number he called ‘The Better ‘Ole’ that was a scream, I tell you. I forget most of it but it was clever. Like, ‘Oh I say, are you still down there, old thing?’

9 “My dear, I’m working on the most marvelous invention… a boy who disappears as soon as you come leaving a smell of burning leaves and a sound effect of distant train whistles.”

10 Cooking smells of all countries hang over the City, a haze of opium, hashish, the resinous red smoke of Yage, smell of the jungle and salt water and the rotting river and dried excrement and sweat and genitals.

11 (I hear about this vine from an old German prospec-tor who is dying of uremia in Pasto, Columbia. Supposed to grow in the Putumayo area. Never located any. Didn’t try very hard…. The same citizen tells me about a bug like a big grasshopper known as the Xiucutil: “Such a powerful aphrodisiac if one flies on you and you can’t get a woman right away you will die. I have seen the Indians running around pulling themselves off from the contact with this animal.” Unfortunately I never score for a Xiucutil…. )

12 “So I said, ‘ I guess I already had mine.’

13 Reading the paper…. Something about a triple mur-der in the rue de la Merde, Paris: “An adjusting of scores.”…I keep slipping away…. “The police have identified the author… Pepe El Culito… The Little Ass Hole, an affectionate diminutive.” Does it really say that?… I try to focus the words… they separate in meaningless mosaic….

14 So “Fats” learned to serve The Black Meat and grew a fat aquarium of body….

15 The Human Virus can now be isolated and treated.

16 “Ugh… Well all right…. But why cancha just get physical like a human?”

17 “That’s the sex that passes the censor, squeezes through between bureaus, because there’s always a space between, in popular songs and Grade B movies, giving away the basic American rottenness, spurting out like breaking boils, throwing out globs of that un-D.T. to fall anywhere and pow into some degenerate cancerous life-form, reproducing a hideous random im-age. Some would be entirely made of penis-like erectile tissue, others viscera barely covered over with skin, clusters of 3 and 4 eyes together, crisscross of mouth and assholes, human parts shaken around and poured out any way they fell.

18 Using a new type sleeping pill called Soneryl…. You don’t feel sleepy…. You shift to sleep without transition, fall abruptly into the middle of a dream…. I have been years in a prison camp suffering from malnutrition….

19 “Well that’s a point of view. Have fun.”

20 The other day I am returning from the long lunch thread from mouth to ass all the days of our years, when I see an Arab boy have this little black and white dog know how to walk on his hind legs…. And a big yaller dog come on the boy for affection and the boy shove it away, and the yaller dog growl and snap at the little toddler, snarling if he had but human gift of tongues: “A crime against nature right there.”

21 The real scene you pinch up some leg flesh and make a quick stab hole with a pin. Then fit the dropper over, not in the hole and feed the solution slow and careful so it doesn’t squirt out the sides…. When I grabbed the Rube’s thigh the flesh came up like wax and stayed there, and a slow drop of pus oozed out the hole. And I never touched a living body cold as the Rube there in Philly….

22 During his first severe infection the boiling thermom-eter Hashed a quicksilver bullet into the nurse’s brain and she fell dead with a mangled scream. The doctor took one look and slammed steel shutters of survival. He ordered the burning bed and its occupant immediately evicted from the hospital premises.

23 BERGER (leaps up): “I got the health!… All the health! Enough health for the whole world, the whole fuckin world! t I cure everybody!”