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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 PROFESSOR: “Coprophilia… gentlemen… might be termed the hurumph… redundant vice….”

2 “So they disconnect my own mother, the sainted old gash, and she swell up and turn black and the whole souk stink of piss and the neighbors beef to the Board of Health and my father say: ‘It’s the will of Allah. She won’t piss any more of my loot down the drain.’

3 The boy’s peeled senses darted about in frenzied exploration. Tenement Hat, railroad Hat vibrating with silent motion. Along one wall of the kitchen a metal trough — or was it metal, exactly? — ran into a sort of aquarium or tank half-filled with translucent green fluid. Moldy objects, worn out in unknown service, littered the Boor: a jockstrap designed to protect some delicate organ of Hat, fan-shape; multi-levelled trusses, supports and bandages; a large U-shaped yoke of porous pink stone; little lead tubes cut open at one end.

4 “So my pappy says to me: ‘Finish up your chores, son, and let’s go see the mad nigger….’ They had that nigger chained to the bed, and he was bawling like a cow…. I soon got enough of that ol’ nigger. Well, if you all will excuse me I got business in the Privy Coun-cil. He he he!”

5 4

6 ” ‘Nay, nothing shall stem the rising tide.’

7 So leave us return to the stricken field. One youth hath penetrate his comrade, whilst another youth does amputate the proudest part of that cock’s quivering beneficiary so that the visiting member projects to fill the vacuum nature abhors and ejaculate into the Black Lagoon where impatient piranha snap up the child not yet born nor — in view of certain well established facts — at all likely. )

8 FAG 2: “Meow. Meow.” He slips on leopard skin and iron claws….

9 DR. BERGER: “No… He’s unsuitable.” He looks at the subject with distaste as if he commit. some terrible faux-pas like look for crabs in Mrs. Worldly’s drawing room.

10 Interzone Imports Unlimited, which consists of Mar-vie and Leif The Unlucky, had latched onto the K.Y. deal? In fact they specialize in pharmaceuticals and run a 24-hour Pro station, six ways coverage fore and aft, as a side line. ( Six separate venereal diseases have been identified to date. )

11 Finally, they impound his suitcase; and he staggers out of the shed with a fifty pound bale of documents.

12 They plunge into the deal. They form unmentionable services for a spastic Greek shipping agent, and one entire shift of Customs inspectors. The two partners fall out and finally denounce each other in the Embassy where they are referred to the We Don’t Want To Hear About It Department, and eased out a back door into a shit-strewn vacant lot, where vultures fight over fish heads. They Hail at each other hysterically.

13 “Alzo for the so stupid peasant we must avoid use of the word is it not? Otherwise he shit himself with fear. Hoch and spit they are both nasty words I think?”

14 America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting.

15 I saw it happen. Ten pounds lost in ten minutes standing with the syringe in one hand holding his pants up with the other, his abdicated flesh burning in a cold yellow halo, there in the New York hotel room… night table litter of candy boxes, cigarette butts cas-cading out of three ashtrays, mosaic of sleepless nights and sudden food needs of the kicking addict nursing his baby flesh….

16 “Oh it’s all very well for you chaps, you can scud out from under. But I have a reputation to maintain…. There’ll be a spot of bother about this.”

17 “Oh it’s all very well for you chaps, you can scud out from under. But I have a reputation to maintain…. There’ll be a spot of bother about this.”

18 But there is no drag like U.S. drag. You can’t see it, you don’t know where it comes from. Take one of those cocktail lounges at the end of a subdivision street — every block of houses has its own bar and drugstore and market and liquorstore. You walk in and it hits you. But where does it come from?

19 Cocks ejaculate in silent “yes.” Mugwump part silk curtains, reveal a teak wood gallows against lighted screen of red Hint. Gallows is on a dais of Aztec mosaics.

20 The rioters have been carted away in trucks. The shutters go up and the citizens of Interzone step out into the square littered with teeth and sandals and slippery with blood.

21 How-To extend levels of experience by opening the door at the end of a long hall…. Doors that only open in Silence…. Naked Lunch demands Silence from The Reader. Otherwise he is taking his own pulse….

22 “So a Sabbath is hastily called. (Lucy Bradshinkel, look to thy emeralds. ) All these old witches examining their rocks like a citizen find leprosy on himself.

23 The Sender is not a human individual…. It is The Human Virus. (All virus are deteriorated cells leading a parasitic existence…. They have specific affinity for the Mother Cell; thus deteriorated liver cells seek the home place of hepatitis, etc. So every species has a Master Virus: Deteriorated Image of that species. )