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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 In fact the whole clan of Europeans has moved in next to me….The old mother is having an operation, and her daughter move right in to see the old gash receive proper service. Strange visitors, presumably relatives… One of them wears as glasses those gadgets jewelers screw into their eyes to examine stones. …Probably a diamond-cutter on the skids… The man who loused up the Throckmorton Diamond and was drummed out of the industry…. All these jewelers standing around the Diamond in their frock coats, waiting on The Man. An error of one thousandth of an inch ruins the rock complete and they have to import this character special from Amsterdam to do the job. …So he reels in dead drunk with a huge air hammer and pounds the diamond to dust….

2 “Funny thing those citizens turn all black and their legs drop off.”

3 It will be immediately clear that the Liquefaction Party is, except for one man, entirely composed of dupes, it not being clear until the final absorption who is whose dupe…. The Liquefactionists are much given to every form of perversion, especially sado-masochistic practices….

4 The Filet of Sun-Ripened Sting Ray

5 The Liberal Press and The Press Not So Liberal and The Press Reactionary Scream approval: “Above all the myth of other-level experience must be eradicated….” And speak darkly of certain harsh realities… cows with the aftosa… prophylaxis….

6 I began to wonder if there was an Anglo-Saxon name left in the Department….

7 In a white museum room full of sunlight pink nudes sixty feet high. Vast adolescent muttering.

8 I left the Rube standing on a corner, red brick slums to the sky, under a steady rain of soot. “Going to hit this croaker I know. Right back with that good pure drugstore M…. No, you wait here — don’t want him to rumble you.” No matter how long, Rube, wait for me right on that corner. Goodbye, Rube, goodbye kid…. Where do they go when they walk out and leave the body behind?

9 “So they all run around screaming they is on fire and the bulk of them die the following morning.”

10 THE DIPLOMAT (reading from a great scroll of ticker tape that keeps growing and tangling around his feet): “And we categorically deny that any male citizen of the United States of America…”

11 “Oh uh sure,” Miguel fumbled with a dustpan.

12 Two Negro fags shriek at each other.

13 “Darling, I want to rim you,” she whispers.

14 “Selling is more of a habit than using.” — Lola La Chata, Mexico, DF.

15 A.J. whips out a cutlass and begins decapitating the American Girls. He sings lustily: Fifteen men on the dead man’s cheat Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. Drink and the devil had done for the rest Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum.

16 “Turn over…. I’ll give it to you in the ass.”

17 The Diseuse undulate through the Market: “What’s a Latah do when he’s alone?’

18 Clem and Jody give out they are interested in the destruction of Near East oil Belds to boost the value of their Venezuelan holdings.

19 “There are various ‘psychological methods,’ compulsory psychoanalysis, for example. The subject is requested to free-associate for one hour every day (in cases where time is not of the essence). ‘Now, now. Let’s not be negative, boy. Poppa call nasty man. Take baby walkabout switchboard.’

20 Couples attached to baroque harnesses with artificial wings copulate in the air, screaming like magpies.

21 Tangier, 1959.

22 Horrible-looking Europeans clutter up the stairs, in-tercept the nurse when I need my medicine, empty piss into the basin when I am washing, occupy the toilet for hours on end — probably fishing for a finger stall of diamonds they have stashed up their asshole….

23 The Ouab Days are upon us