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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 I tied up for a shot, my hands trembling with eager-ness, an archetype dope fiend.

2 “But you can score.” Diddle diddle “You scored off him last week didn’t you?” Diddle???

3 “My asshole is occluding.”

4 Hassan is a notorious Liquefactionist and suspect to be a secret Sender — “Shucks, boys,” he says with a dis-arming pin, “I’m just a blooming old cancer and I gotta proliferate.” He picks up a Texas accent associating with Dry Hole Dutton, the Dallas wildcatter, and he wears cowboy boots and ten-gallon hat at all times in-doors and out…. His eyes are invisible behind black glasses, his face smooth and blank as wax above a well-cut suit made entirely from immature high denomina-tion bank notes. (Bank notes are in fact currency, but they must mature before they can be negotiated…. Bank notes run as high as one million clams a note. )

5 “Oh nothing. Nothing at all.”

6 “Yes, of course, Carl,” the doctor brayed heartily. “In your position I would have done the same I don’t mind telling you heh heh heh…. Well, E guess we can uh dismiss as irrelevent these uh understandable means of replenishing the uh exchequer. And now, Carl, there were perhaps” — one finger tapped the file which gave out a faint effluvia of moldy jock straps and chlorine- “occasions. When no uh economic factors were involved.”

7 The casualties in barroom fights are staggering. In fact the fear of Negro replicas — which may be blond and blue-eyed — has depopulated whole regions. The Divisionists are all latent or overt homosexuals. Evil old queens tell the young boys: “If you go with a woman your replicas won’t grow.” And citizens are forever putting the hex on someone else’s replica cultures. Cries of: “Hex my culture will you, Biddy Blair1” followed by sound effects of mayhem, continually ring through the quarter…. The Divisionists are much given to the practice of black magic in general, and they have in-numerable formulas of varying efficacy for destroying the Mother Cell, also known as the Protoplasm Daddy, by torturing or killing a captured replica…. The authorities have finally given up the attempt to control, among the Divisionists, the crimes of murder and unlicensed production of replicas. But they do stage pre-election raids and destroy vast replica cultures in the mountainous regions of the Zone where replica moon-shiners hole up.

8 It was a long time over the stony reg to the oasis of date palms where Arab boys shit in the well and rock n’ roll across the sands of muscle beach eating hot-dogs and spitting out gold teeth in nuggets.

9 “Are homosexuals classed as deviants?’

10 “O.K.,” said Hauser finally. “But you’d better deliver, Lee.”

11 “Defense is meaningless in the present state of our knowledge, said The Defense looking up from an electron microscope….

12 More and more static at the Drug Store, mutterings of control like a telephone off the hook… Spent all day until 8 P.M. to score for two boxes of Eukodol….

13 After a few months of this the citizens cowered in corners like neurotic cats.

14 “Sure I can.”

15 ” ‘You’re mistaken, my dear. These are real.’

16 They are conspiring to kidnap the Black Stone with a helicopter and substitute a hog pen, the hogs trained to give the Bronx cheer when the pilgrims show. “We try to train them squealing bastards to sing: ‘Three cheers for the Red White and Blue,’ but it can’t be done….”

17 LIEUTENANT: “Huh? Why, I see the Market.”

18 “Oh dear, I wonder if they fertilize with human excrement…. Maybe they’ll do it right now.”

19 The Fag slumps in a hotel chair knocked out on goof balls with his tongue lolling out.

20 He paces around the boy like an aroused tom cat.

21 More and more static at the Drug Store, mutterings of control like a telephone off the hook… Spent all day until 8 P.M. to score for two boxes of Eukodol….

22 Carl shrugged: “That is not my business… what I am wondering is why you have asked me to come here and why you tell me all this… this…”

23 orgasm… pin-point photos of arrested motion