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Naked Lunch is a novel by American writer William S. Burroughs, originally published in 1959. The book is structured as a series of loosely connected vignettes. Burroughs stated that the chapters are intended to be read in any order. wikipedia

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WSB reads 23 random sentences from Naked Lunch

1 Benway calls over the attendant who is sitting at one end of the ward reading a book of J. M. Barrie’s plays.

2 The air is once again still and clear as glycerine.

3 The President is a junky but can’t take it direct because of his position. So he gets fixed through me…. From time to time we make contact, and I recharge him. These contacts look, to the casual observer, like homosexual practices, but the actual excitement is not primarily sexual, and the climax is the separation when the recharge is completed. The erect penises are brought into contact — at least we used that method in the beginning, but contact points wear out like veins. Now I sometimes have to slip my penis under his left eyelid. Of course I can always fix him with an Osmosis Recharge, which corresponds to a skin shot, but that is admitting defeat. An O.R. will put the President in a bad mood for weeks, and might well precipitate an atomic shambles. And the President pays a high price for the Oblique Habit. He has sacrificed all control, and is dependent as an unborn child. The Oblique Addict suffers a whole spectrum of subjective horror, silent protoplasmic frenzy, hideous agony of the bones. Tensions build up, pure energy without emotional content finally tears through the body throwing him about like a man in contact with high tension wires. If his charge connection is cut off cold, the Oblique Addict falls into such violent electric convulsions that his bones shake loose, and he dies with the skeleton straining to climb out of his unendurable flesh and run in a straight line to the nearest cemetery.

4 “O’er the land of the FREEEEEEEEEEE…”

5 “Why do you tell me all this? It’s too sordid! Let the retailers worry about it.”

6 And I had no margin for error. Americans have a special horror of giving up control, of letting things happen in their own way without interference. They would like to jump down into their stomachs and digest the food and shovel the shit out.

7 I don’t check these citizens…. Dope peddlers from Aleppo?… Slunk traffickers from Buenos Aires? Illegal diamond buyers from Johannesburg?… Slave traders from Somaliland? Collaborators at the very least…

8 Prof: “That was in another country, gentlemen…. As I was saying before I was so rudely irrupted by one of my multiple personalities… troublesome little beasts… consider the Ancient Mariner without curare, lasso, bulbocapnine or straitjacket, albeit able to capture and hold a live audience…. What is his hurmp gimmick? He he he he… He does not, like so-called artists at this time, stop just anybody thereby inflicting unsent for boredom and working random hardship…. He stops those who cannot choose but hear owing to already existing relation between The Mariner (however ancient) and the uh Wedding Guest….

9 “This you gotta hear. Boy in Los Angeles fifteen year old. Father decide it is time the boy have his first piece of ass. Boy is lying on the lawn reading comic books, father go out and say: ‘Son, here’s twenty dollars; I want you to go to a good whore and get a piece of ass off her.’

10 “O.K., but I can’t take you in to the guy, you understand.”

11 Lee put the packet of heroin away.

12 “Something wrong?” said the nurse indifferently. She was holding a glass of water out to him. She watched him drink with aloof contempt. She turned and picked up the jar with obvious distaste.

13 “In the terminal stage of schizophrenia the backbrain is permanently depressed, and the front brain is almost without content since the front brain is only active in response to backbrain stimulation.

14 So I guess he is still sitting there in his 1920 Spanish villa outside Tanger eating that raw opium full of shit and stones and straw… the whole lot for fear he might lose something….

15 A horde of lust-mad American women rush in. Dripping cunts, from farm and dude ranch, factory, brothel, country club, penthouse and suburb, motel and yacht and cocktail bar, strip off riding clothes, ski togs, evening dresses, levis, tea gowns, print dresses, slacks, bathing suits and kimonos. They scream and yipe and howl, leap on the guests like bitch dogs in heat with rabies. They claw at the hanged boys shrieking: “You fairy! You bastard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” The guests flee screaming, dodge among the hanged boys, overturn iron lungs.

16 “Gimpy push milk sugar shit… ” Johnny Hung Lately 1952

17 The Meet Cafe occupies one side of the Plaza, a maze of kitchens, restaurants, sleeping cubicles, perilous iron balconies and basements opening into the underground baths.

18 The boy’s peeled senses darted about in frenzied exploration. Tenement Hat, railroad Hat vibrating with silent motion. Along one wall of the kitchen a metal trough — or was it metal, exactly? — ran into a sort of aquarium or tank half-filled with translucent green fluid. Moldy objects, worn out in unknown service, littered the Boor: a jockstrap designed to protect some delicate organ of Hat, fan-shape; multi-levelled trusses, supports and bandages; a large U-shaped yoke of porous pink stone; little lead tubes cut open at one end.

19 But a yen comes on him like a great black wind through the bones. So the Buyer hunts up a young junky and gives him a paper to make it.

20 He stood there in elongated court room shadow, his face torn like a broken film by lusts and hungers of larval organs stirring in the tentative ectoplasmic flesh of junk kick ( ten days on ice at time of the First Hearing) flesh that fades at the first silent touch of junk.

21 “O.K.,” said Hauser finally. “But you’d better deliver, Lee.”

22 The doctor stopped chuckling. He was suddenly motionless. “Now to get back to this uh matter of sexual deviation. Frankly we don’t pretend to understand — at least not completely — why some men and women prefer the uh sexual company of their own sex. We do know that the uh phenomena is common enough, and, under certain circumstances a matter of uh concern to this department.”

23 He puts down the phone. “I am prepared to accept immediate assignment with Islam Incorporated. It seems the electronic brain went berserk playing six-dimensional chess with the Technician and released every subject in the R.C. Leave us adjourn to the roof. Operation Helicopter is indicated.”